Association Of Consulting Engineers Botswana


To be the voice of the Consulting Engineering Industry in Botswana.


To improve the business climate and guide the consulting engineering industry through the promotion of superior knowledge, skill and innovation for the benefit of Botswana.


To promote the advancement of the profession of consulting engineers.

Who we are

Since Botswana independence in 1966 the establishment of consulting engineering firms was a process which gathered momentum during the 1970’s to the present day where over 45 firms now maintain permanent offices mainly in Gaborone.

In 1984 representatives of interesting firms suggested the formation of an association and membership criteria was established, constitutional matters were addressed and membership was expanded.

A core of dedicated firms and members preseved through periods of mixed interest and fluctuating membership untill mid 1993 when formal formal registration was approved and the association was finally born after a long period of gestation.

FIDIC Publications

The Association of Consulting Engineers Botswana (ACEB) is a member of FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) and their ONLY representatives in Botswana. FIDIC are the promoters of the conditions of contract for Works of civil Engineering Construction. WE ARE ABLE to provide all FIDIC documents.

Please contact our office for pricelist and orders
Tel / fax: (+267) 319 1297
cell: (+267) 71 138 767

Wanna become a member?

To become a member please download the membership form and attach the following documents.

1. Curriculum vitae of key Representatives, Partners, Directors or Associates resident in Botswana
2. Proof of permanent professional indemnity cover
3. Company profile
4. Memorandum of Association

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